Over the past year we have seen Canada legalize cannabis and this fall we see it bring edibles, beverages, concentrates and everything except the flower and oil products to market. Other countries are following suit and making medical marijuana legal, the US is expanding with more states allowing cannabis use. The world is changing right before our eyes.

We thought we would post an article on the subject after watching the movie Weed the People. It was very moving and educational, with some stories about the incredible health benefits people have been documented experiencing. Definitely worth a watch as almost everyone is exposed to someone, or knows someone that has been affected by disease during their life that cannabis has helped, in the documented stories in this flick.

There are vast differences in products and cbd has become all the rage. If you are going to buy the product, it is worth doing the research to make sure you are getting what you are paying for. CBD is a molecule but they call it ‘full spectrum’ that offers terpenes and other important molecules in the cannabis plant. Different strains have different profiles and in time, with more research we should be able to better understand what is more beneficial for different ailments. KushmyBud.com offers a comparison tool that can give you information about content and terpenes of different strains. All strains are not created equal, so its important to spend a bit of time learning about it. They also offer a directory of cannabis shops and clinics, that in time should be a fantastic resource for travelling.

We have an endocannabinoid system in our bodies which is why we interact with the properties of the plant. Hemp and cannabis cbd both have cbd but its what else is in the products that may end up being very important, if you are seeking it for health benefits. The next few years should be very interesting as research ramps up and some conclusive results are formed.

If your just interested in using it for relaxation or partying, its still good to learn about the different strains and how potent the THC content is. It seems like a much better option to alcohol and I personally await the day that you can buy the beverages in restaurants and bars, as an alternative to ‘this buds for you’.